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Bristol Meyer Squibb

Princeton Apartment is located under 3 miles from Bristol Meyers Squibb. But closer to the AMTRACK train station (and NJ Transit) and in a much quieter neighborhood.

Education Testing Services – ETS Local apartment and house for rent

Education Testing Service apartment and house for rent

ETS aka Education Testing Service apartment and house for rent is under 6 miles to ETS aka Education Testing Service.

Located in a quieter neighborhood, with closer access to NJTransit / Amtrack train station for easy access up to New York Penn Station.

West Windsor House for Rent | Princeton Apartment

The West Windsor Plainsboro is a well known district situated North to Central New Jersey. The district was the result of the merging of two neighboring and separate school districts. Prior to merging the two districts were known as the West Windsor School District and Plainsboro School District. After the two districts were merged in the years1969 the new school district started developing in a rapid manner. The main aim of all the communities located in the West Windsor Plainsboro is to provide accommodation to the students enrolling in the renowned schools of West Windsor Plainsboro.

The Plainsboro is surrounded with beautiful wood land and scenic beauty. The West Windsor Apartment is located throughout the district is the most generous location for residence. The students enrolling in the school district finds the township an excellent area to reside throughout their academic session. The West Windsor Apartments is one of the prestigious residential locations for any outsider visiting this small township.

The West Windsor Apartment located in the West Windsor Plainsboro is designed keeping in mind the need of the inhabitants and visitors of the township. Since the majority of visitors visits the land as students therefore the owners of the West Windsor Apartment provides the basic facilities that can meet their need. The majority of the West Windsor Apartment is either two or three bedrooms. The West Windsor Apartment are mostly spacious and their floor plans justifies that every attempt has been made to transfer the West Windsor Apartment into a comfortable apartment. The gourmet kitchen, elegant designs and details like the cherry finishing of the cabinets or the Whirlpool appliance, walk in closets, private patios and vaulted ceiling s are some of the common features that can be found in every West Windsor Apartment.

The residents of the West Windsor Apartment close to the community or Princeton Junction can enjoy some of the special community facilities and amenities which are meant to enhance the life of the local inhabitants. Some of the common attempts of the Princeton junction or the township are swimming pools, playground, picnic areas, barbeques, outdoor swimming pool (heated), fitness centers, garages (private if required) and numerous tennis courts. The greatest benefit of those residing in the West Windsor apartments or its local area is the promise of twenty four hours of emergency service and maintainenece.Moreover the residents of the West Windsor apartment can enjoy the lease term which are user friendly and are flexible in nature.

The West Windsor Apartment can be the best destination if you are looking forward for upscale lifestyle with a resort like amenities blended with excellent customer service .



Rental Upgrade Notice: Varsity A Unit Receives New Washer

Please note Princeton Apartment, #213a – has a new washer installed.

As always not only is it free, but there is still the stacked unit on main floor. Our competitors dont even provide free laundry appliances, let alone 2!

So when picking your West Windsor WW-P Apartment, forget the change  and come stay with us.


Princeton Apartment Facts for Renters.

Princeton a well known community is located at New Jersey in the Mercer County, United States of America.Princetown is best known because of the Princeton University ,located at the heart of the town .The University was established in the year 1756.Princetown is better known as the ‘college town ‘as there are numerous important and well known intuitions scattered throughout this small town.

Some of the popular institutes are the Princeton Theological Seminary, Educational Testing Service, Institute for Advanced Study, Opinion Research Corporation, , FMC Corporation, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Research. Apart from that Princeton accommodates well known companies like the Dow Jones & Company, Berlitz International, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Princeton NJ is equidistant from Philadelphia and New York .The Princeton Branch plays an important role in connecting Princeton NJ with New York and Philadelphia .The Princeton Branch also connect Princeton NL with the other locations like Princeton Junction Station Situated in the North East Corridor. One of the reasons of Princeton being such a popular location is because of its location. Princeton NJ is very close to the high way which connects New York and Philadelphia.


In the 1918 the Princeton Railway Station was shifted from the Blair Hall to the present location at University Place. After the World War2 communication to the big cities like New York developed within a short period. The time duration of the Amtrak ride is similar to that of Philadelphia and New York whereas the ride via the New Jersey transit is comparatively faster than the ride to Philadelphia.

The New Jersey transit provides the facility of shuttle services between the Princeton NJ and Princeton Junction .The train providing the shuttle service is popularly known as Dinky or Princeton Junction and Back. The journey involves two and some time one train cars.


Trenton is the capital of New Jersey however the official residence of the governor is at Princeton NJ from 1945 ever since the Morven became the mansion of the governor. Later on Morven was replaced by the colonial mansion Drumthwacket located in Township. The old mansion (Morven) was transformed into a museum .The museum became the property of the New Jersey Historical Society.

The Money Magazine in the year 2005 nominated Princeton NJ among the top 100 towns in the USA ideal for Living and Working.

The residents of the Princeton though have a strong community yet it is segregreated into 2 different municipalities: a borough and a township. The borough is surrounded by township .The Borough withdrew from this Township in the year 1894 due to a dispute over school and educational taxes. Later on these two municipalities founded the Princeton Regional Schools and similar other services for the benefit of the citizens residing in the town. However the two municipalities will reunite in 2013 January.

Some of the landmark of the Borough are Nassau Street, commercial street, University campus and majority of the urban area till the suburbanization after postwar. The total population of the Township and Borough is more or less similar .The total population the Town and Borough is around thirty thousand.

The Postal Codes of the United States includes 08544(University), 08542 (Borough), 08540 and 08543(Seminary).The pin code 08540 includes the area outside the proper Princeton. The area includes Hopewell, West Windsor and the Lawrence in the Mercer Township, Franklin and Montgomery Township in the Somerset county, Plainsboro and the South Brunswick in the Middlesex County .

The climate of Princeton is humid and continental climate .The summer is hot and humid whereas the winter is cold. According to the records of the the lowest temperature in this town is -27 degree centigrade in the year 1935 28th, January where as the maximum temperature recorded is 41 degree Centigrade  in the years 1936, 9th July.

Princeton Apartment – Renting Homes. Located in 08540 NJ.

Princeton Apartment - 1, 2, and 3 bedroom Princeton apartments.

Princeton Apartment – 1, 2, and 3 bedroom Princeton apartments.

Welcome to Princeton Apartment.

We offer 1, 2, and 3 bedroom home rentals.

With very limited space and great locations near Princeton Junction, JCT, train station (NJTransit and Amtrack) please fill out our contact form to find out more or join the waiting list.

Some amenities include:

  • Toto self closing toilets
  • Koi Pond
  • Outdoor Fire Pit/Hammock
  • Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Granite Countertops
  • Many More. (Depends on the unit)


Please contact us soon.